Two moving truck sizes
Moving truck sizesTravel time for Greater Vancouver movesThree hour minimum chargeLong distance movers to Victoria and Whistler.Angels Moving Company
Minimum moving charge

We have a three hour minimum plus flat travel time

Our minimum does not apply to most customers. Most small moves like one bedroom apartments take at least three hours to complete. By the time we blanket wrap the furniture and load the truck, drive, unload and remove the blankets a few hours fly by. We will be as fast as possible.

What we don't offer is one item delivery or a one hour job. There are some movers that do, but often you would need a delivery service. We specialize in residential moving and stick to what we do best. We employ quality movers and pay our men a four hour minimum shift because it is the right thing to do. We couldn't maintain our standards or service if we held trucks for an hour job. Your move could take a little less time, but our service is worth it.

Apartment / House
Average Move Times
Studio apartments
3 - 4 hours average
One bedrooms
3 - 6 hours average
Two bedrooms
5 - 8 hours average
Three bedrooms
7 - 10 hours average
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