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Vancouver Movers Protection Plans



- $100.00 flat fee
- up to $5.00 per lb
- up to $500 per item
- up to $25,000 total

Medium protection without spending the time filling out Declared Value Forms and Inventory Condition Forms. "Time is money" and this may be the best choice for you. More local move customers choose Option 2 Total Loss Protection when moving valuable shipments locally.

Total Loss Protection at $5.00 per pound gives the customer up to $500.00 per item up to $25,000.00 in the event of total loss and allows for more protection without extra time cost and paperwork. Typically there is enough for repair in the event of damage. There is a $100.00 deductible and exclusions and terms and conditions apply.

If you choose Plan 2 Total Loss for $100.00 it will be entered on the invoice and initalled by you at the start of your move. All items will be visually inspected onsite without recording each item, but we will note any item with damage with you onsite before loading it and you will be responsible to inspect and sign off for completed delivery in good condition immediately when unloaded. High Value items may be recorded and terms and conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions about Transit Protection

Money, jewellery, bonds, legal documents and other such items of extraordinary value are exempt and should not be packed for transport. High Value items should be identified, blanket wrapped or shrink wrapped if not already wrapped. All items should be inspected at both ends immediately with mover and customer present. Exclusions and terms and conditions apply.