Two moving truck sizes
moving boxes and packing supplies

We deliver moving boxes and packing supplies to your front door.

Buy moving boxes and packing supplies delivered from a trusted Vancouver moving company

Home Delivery: Door Service requires $20.00 service charge in Greater Vancouver for orders less than $100.00. Home box deliveries take 2 to 3 business days.


order boxes with free box deliveryOrder boxes before moving day: On moving day Angel's Moving trucks only stock Mattress Covers, Tape, Shrink Wrap and 3 Wardrobes boxes to use that day. We do not stock boxes or other moving supplies on our trucks unless requested.

Stay Green: Recycle supplies, use newspapers for wrapping breakables, ask stores for FREE boxes and store used boxes for next time.
1.5 cube - book box
20 for 45.54
Heavy items like books and records
2 cube - Small
20 for 49.50
Small items like dishes, kitchen goods and breakables
4 cube - Medium
10 for 32.76
Medium items like pots and pans, small appliances and food
6 cube - Large box
10 for 44.46
Large light items like linens, toys and clothes
Wardrobe Box
with bar
Mini closet keeps hanging clothes clean
Tan tape
6 for 12.00
Packing tape to seal boxes
Shrink wrap
Plastic wrap used to protect items during shipping or storage
Queen bed cover
Keep your mattress clean and dry
King mattress bag
pre order
King bag for one King mattress
Packing paper 10lb
2 for 27.00
No ink smears to clean off dishes
*PST and GST applies
Average Supplies Required
  1bed 2bed 3bed
1.5 cu 10 15 20
2 cu 10 15 20
4 cu 10 15 20
6 cu 5 10 15
Paper 1 2 3
Tape 2 4 6
Shrink   1 1
Angel's Moving Company
do not pack dangerous goods
Do not pack Dangerous Goods in a box to be transported by Angel's Moving including aerosol spray cans, household cleaners, paint, paint thinner, batteries, ammunition, alcohol, propane, gasoline or anything flammable, corrosive or explosive.
no dangerous goods
Do not pack liquids that may spill or leak.

Do not pack Flammable Goods

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