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Replacement Value Protection means repaired or replaced up to the declared value. There must be a Declared Value Inventory form filled before the move and an Inventory Condition form filled while we load and unload in order to record the condition and account for each item. Final Inspection is at the delivery point when each item and the condition is checked off on the form against the condition entered during loading. There is a $200.00 deductible, exclusions, and terms and conditions apply.

COST = $150.00 for $25,000.00 or $250.00 for $50,000.00

*If you want replacement value protection you must complete 2 extra tasks.

First, before your move you need to complete a Declared Value Inventory form (it tells the value of all the items and will be given to us before loading).

Second, you and your movers will need to complete an Inventory Condition Checklist form during loading and unloading (this records the condition of items while loading and records they all arrived in good condition while unloading).

This is the best protection possible with us but it is extra work and extra time for you and your movers which means extra money to your moving cost.

All High Value Items will be inspected and recorded and terms and conditions apply. Recommended for uninsured moves, high value moves and long distance moves.

If you want Replacement Protection tell us before your move so we can help with your forms.

Money, jewellery, bonds, legal documents and other such items of extraordinary value are exempt and should not be packed for transport. High Value items should be identified, blanket wrapped or shrink wrapped if not already wrapped. All items should be inspected at both ends immediately with mover and customer present. Exclusions and terms and conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions about Transit Protection