Two moving truck sizes
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Angel's Moving offers both Small and Large trucks to suit your needs

Large moving trucks are for two bedroom homes and up. Small trucks are for small moves like bachelor units and one bedroom apartment moves. Basically any home over 650 square feet would want a large truck to ensure a smooth move.

Large trucks only do one move per day to ensure our customers get the best service. The men will not have another job after so you will have their full attention as long as you need them.

Small trucks have up to two jobs every day. Typically, the first job will start at 9am and the second move will be near 2pm, but it could be a little early or late depending on the first job. To book an afternoon slot you need to be flexible with the start time. For customers with tight elevator bookings it is best to move in the morning. Sometimes we can offer firm start times in the afternoon with a small truck so let us know your needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Angel's Small Moving Truck for apartments

Small Truck: 1 ton (16 ft box)

Studio's, one bedroom apartments and tiny one bedroom with den. Typical 600 square foot apartment move.

Inside=7'8"W x 6'7"H x 16'L

806 cubic feet of space


Angel's Moving Large Truck

Large Truck: 5 ton (26 ft box)

Perfect for two or three bedroom homes and up. Oversize homes may require more than one truck or a second trip.

Inside=7'7"W x 8'5"H x 26'L

1538 cubic feet of space

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