We are here to help with your upcoming move. Check out common queries below for in depth answers to all your questions. Also our website pages are full of up front information so check them out. Please contact our helpful customer service via email anytime or phone us during office hours for one on one support. 

How long have you been in business?

Angel's Moving has been in business since 2005 so we know what we are doing and have a proven track record. We are Better Business Bureau members with an A+ rating.

How much do you charge?

We post our best moving rates and average move times on our RATES PAGE so you can save time comparing prices. We offer two truck sizes to suit your needs. We charge a three hour minimum plus one hour travel time for local moves. We do not have a fuel surcharge for moves within Greater Vancouver.

How soon should I book my move?

The sooner the better because we do fill up for key dates. Reach out to us and we will help you secure your spot with our simple booking process. We do offer last minute moves if we have an opening.

Is there a minimum charge?

Yes, we charge a three hour minimum work time plus one hour travel time on all moves within the Lower Mainland. For Example: We start at the pickup address at 9 am and finish unloading at the delivery address at 12:00 noon (3 hour minimum). Then add the flat 1 hour travel time for moves within Greater Vancouver. If we were actually finished unloading at 11:45 we would still charge the 3 hour minimum work time. Please refer to Minimum Charges.

How can I save money?

Time is money so be prepared, well packed and organized. Are we taking the beds apart or are you? That is time that could be saved if you are on a budget. Instead of buying packing supplies gather used boxes and newspaper. Also it is cheaper to move during the first three weeks of the month. Talk to Angel's Moving for guidance, we can help to ensure you get the best results for your dollar.

What if it rains?

We move in all weather conditions. We wrap your furniture with moving blankets or plastic shrink wrap for protection. To protect your floors we use floor runners and will lay out a blanket at the doorway to absorb most of the water. Moving on a rainy day isn't ideal, but in the lower mainland it is pretty common and we will move you as best as we can with a smile on our wet faces.

What is the Travel Time Charge?

Travel Time is a flat one hour rate that we charge to compensate the travel time it takes for our moving team to leave our lot until they arrive at your home and then to leave your home and return back to our lot. We charge a flat 1 hour rate on all moves within Greater Vancouver and we absorb any additional time above that. We all know how long traffic can be some times and this is a necessary fee charged by most moving companies. See TRAVEL TIME for more details.

Can we stop along the way to pick up an item?

Yes, we are happy to stop along the way and there is no extra fee just the time it takes. Make sure to let us know beforehand so we plan the best route.

Do I need to place a deposit to reserve my move?

No, we do not require a deposit to reserve your moving date. On moving day we will take Visa, Mastercard or cash. We do not accept debit cards, visa debit card, or checks.

I have a three bedroom home. Should I order two or three movers?

Definitely you will want three men. Generally speaking, anything larger than a two bedroom suite needs three movers. It will save you money in the long run by speeding up the moving process. If there is a piano, extra heavy items, or lots of stairs then three men is required. Contact us anytime for more support.

I have a piano. Should I order two or three movers?

Three men are best for piano moves. See our MOVING SERVICES for more details. If there are any stairs it is mandatory to have three men. Pianos are very heavy. Two men can move a piano, but it is not safe and can easily injure a man as they 'lift' the weight and more so as they 'pull' the weight.

Is there an extra charge for stairs?

No, we do not charge extra for stairs though some companies do. It already costs more if you have stairs because it slows down the move and the men tire out faster and gradually slow down compared to moving a home with just a few steps or an elevator. To charge even more seems wrong to us.

I have three flights of stairs. Should I order two or three men?

Likely you would want three men. Stairs are a huge factor concerning time. If you don't have too many items to move than two men are fine, but if you have a large amount of trips up and down the stairs you would want the third man to help speed it up and save you money.

I have a two bedroom apartment. How do I know if I should order two or three movers?

If you have an average two bedroom apartment around 750 sqft is fine with two men. You do not require three men unless there are heavy items like a piano or a large amount of stairs. If you are on a high floor with a small elevator it helps to have a third man. Also if you only have access to the elevator for a short amount of time you may need three men to be able to move everything within the elevator reservation window. A 1000 sqft or bigger two bedroom apartment would be best with three men. You can discuss your situation with us anytime.

Is Angel's Moving insured?

Yes, see our Customer Protection Page for complete details. We offer three Customer Protection Plans for your shipment. All moves are protected with Released Value Protection which is minimal coverage meant for low value moves or moves already covered through your home insurance. For a small fee you can purchase extra protection, either TOTAL LOSS PROTECTION (medium protection) or REPLACEMENT VALUE PROTECTION which is meant for high value moves or moves not already covered through your home insurance. See Customer Protection Page for all the information or talk to Angel's Moving.

Can I pay with a cheque or debit card?

No, we only accept cash, Visa, or Mastercard. We bring a credit card machine for you to pay when the move is completed. Sorry, we do not accept Visa Debit cards, Amex, Interact or cheques.

Do I have to reserve my elevator?

Yes, you must talk to the building Manager about reserving the elevator as soon as possible. Some apartments are very strict concerning the elevators and the amount of time you use it. If you wait too long to reserve your elevator the building may not allow you to use it on the day you prefer.

How do I know what truck size I need?

Base your truck size using the description written beside each truck on our Truck Sizes section. Small Trucks are for studios and one bedroom apartments. Large Trucks are for two and three bedroom homes and up. Oversized homes may require two trucks or a second trip. Please talk to our moving experts for assistance when in doubt.

Do we offer junk removal?

No, we do not offer junk removal service. It is best to hire a junk removal company before moving day to save the cost of moving the items and to reduce clutter in your new home.

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