Packing Tips from professional movers

Angel's Moving® packing tips can help you prepare for a stress free move.

Packing Basics
  • Use plenty of packing paper around each breakable and crush paper to fill the entire box.
  • Pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes.
  • Use packing tape to seal every box completely. Don't just fold the flaps.
heavy items
  • Do not over-pack a box, too much weight or bulk can force a box open and spill the contents.
  • Pack the heavier item at the bottom and the delicate lighter items towards the top of the box.
  • Mark the box Fragile or This Side Up to ensure special attention.
  • Wine glasses, stem ware and crystal should be packed and wrapped individually.
  • Cups and glasses may be nested inside another wrapped in paper bundles.
  • Plates and flatware are best packed vertically in small boxes.
  • Lampshades should be packed alone 2-3 in a box, separated by clean packing paper and marked fragile.
  • Pole lamps should be unscrewed and packed in a box.
Tiny Boxes
  • Hat and shoe boxes should be consolidated into larger boxes to save time.
  • Mark each box by location to identify where it should be placed in the new home.
  • Computers should be backed up and disabled for moving day. We recommend placing them in your car if possible.
  • TVs should be boxed if you still have it. Otherwise we will blanket wrap the tv.
  • Dresser drawers should be emptied and moved with the dresser.
  • A wardrobe box is perfect for suits and dresses because it eliminates the trouble of dry cleaning when unpacked at your new home.
Shoes and Toys
  • Toys and shoes do not need to be wrapped but should be sealed in a box.
  • If they are durable items you can use good quality garbage bags.
Paintings and Mirrors
  • Pictures and mirrors are best packed in a specially designed Picture/Mirror Box, or wrapped inside a large flattened box with both ends sealed.
  • We can blanket wrap them if needed.

Don't pack liquids or dangerous goods

Things Not To Pack!

Do not pack Dangerous Goods in a box to be transported by Angel's Moving including aerosol spray cans, household cleaners, paint, paint thinner, batteries, ammunition, alcohol, propane, gasoline or anything flammable, corrosive or explosive.

  • Do not pack Dangerous Goods.
  • Do not pack liquids that may spill or leak.
  • Do not pack flammable goods.
Young couple packing boxes

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