We offer three options for protecting your goods.

We are a licensed and fully insured Vancouver BC moving company including WCB, underwritten for $1,000,000 commercial liability, property damage, and bodily injury and we carry a maximum $50,000 cargo replacement protection plan on every moving truck. See conditions of carriage, FAQ's, or contact Angel's Moving for complete details.

  • Option 1 RELEASED VALUE = FREE (60 cents per lb)
  • Option 2 TOTAL LOSS = $100.00 fee (up to $5.00 per pound up to $500 per item up to $25,000)
  • Option 3 REPLACEMENT VALUE = $150 for $25,000 or $250 for $50,000 (requires declared value form and inventory checklist)
Mover carrying boxes


Money, jewelry, bonds, legal documents and other such items of extraordinary value are exempt and should not be packed for transport. High Value items should be identified, blanket wrapped or shrink wrapped if not already wrapped. All items should be inspected at both ends immediately with mover and customer present. Exclusions and terms and conditions apply.

Please Note

Money, jewellery, bonds, legal documents and other such items of extraordinary value are exempt and should not be packed for transport. High Value items should be identified, blanket wrapped or shrink wrapped if not already wrapped. All items should be inspected at both ends immediately with mover and customer present. Exclusions and terms and conditions apply.

What Is Not Covered
  • Unwrapped Glass meaning glass not wrapped, boxed or crated.
  • Standing Pole Lamps that are not unscrewed, disassembled, and placed in a sealed box.
  • Particle Board or chip board like assembled kit furniture that is not disassembled and is not strong enough to safely move. These particle board pieces are so fragile and often they are not assembled correctly and are missing screws or have locking screws that were not locked making it impossible for us to take responsibility for its transport. Just by lifting it up an inch it may fall apart and is not reasonable for us to claim liability.
  • Owner packed cartons unless clear visible damage to the exterior of the carton is noted at time of delivery. It must be clearly due to transport and not due to poorly packed items within an owner packed box.
  • Stamps, money, bank notes, legal papers, photographs or other extremely valuable items of like kind.
  • Perishable goods including food as we can't guarantee the temperature.
  • Plants as we can't guarantee a sensitive plant will survive transport.
  • Pets and livestock are not covered with our protection.
  • See Conditions Of Carriage for details.
Plan 1 - Free

All shipment's with Angel's Moving are covered with Released Value Protection at a maximum 60 cents per pound included free of charge. This is minimal protection meant for low value moves or moves already protected through home insurance or third party moving insurance. 

Released Value is the industry standard 60 cents per pound multiplied by the weight of the article or shipment as recommended by the Good Practise Guidelines For Canadian Movers. 

For Example a 100 pound dresser would, in the unlikely event of a claim, net a settlement up to $60.00 or a 2000 pound shipment would net a settlement up to $1200.00. 

This is the minimum coverage acceptable for us to move your goods and it is included in the price. Exclusions, terms and conditions apply.

Plan 2 - Total Loss

- $100.00 flat fee - up to $5.00 per lb - up to $500 per item - up to $25,000 total 

Medium protection without spending the time filling out Declared Value Forms and Inventory Condition Forms. "Time is money" and this may be the best choice for you. More local move customers choose Option 2 Total Loss Protection when moving valuable shipments locally. 

Total Loss Protection at $5.00 per pound gives the customer up to $500.00 per item up to $25,000.00 in the event of total loss and allows for more protection without extra time cost and paperwork. Typically there is enough for repair in the event of damage. 

There is a $100.00 deductible and exclusions and terms and conditions apply. If you choose Plan 2 Total Loss for $100.00 it will be entered on the invoice and initialed by you at the start of your move. All items will be visually inspected onsite without recording each item, but we will note any item with damage with you onsite before loading it and you will be responsible to inspect and sign off for completed delivery in good condition immediately when unloaded. High Value items may be recorded and terms and conditions apply.

Plan 3 - Replacement Value

Replacement Value Protection means repaired or replaced up to the declared value. There must be a Declared Value Inventory form filled before the move and an Inventory Condition form filled while we load and unload in order to record the condition and account for each item. Final Inspection is at the delivery point when each item and the condition is checked off on the form against the condition entered during loading. There is a $200.00 deductible, exclusions, and terms and conditions apply. 

COST = $150.00 for $25,000.00 or $250.00 for $50,000.00 

*If you want replacement value protection you must complete 2 extra tasks. First, before your move you need to complete a Declared Value Inventory form (it tells the value of all the items and will be given to us before loading). Second, you and your movers will need to complete an Inventory Condition Checklist form during loading and unloading (this records the condition of items while loading and records they all arrived in good condition while unloading). 

This is the best protection possible with us but it is extra work and extra time for you and your movers which means extra money to your moving cost.

All High Value Items will be inspected and recorded and terms and conditions apply. 

Recommended for uninsured moves, high value moves and long distance moves. 

If you want Replacement Protection tell us before your move so we can help with your forms.

Help Deciding
Claim Process

Notify us:

In the event of loss or damage of any kind the first step is to notify your moving team or if noticed after the movers have left to contact Angel's Moving® immediately

All damages should be written or noted on the bill of lading or inventory condition checklist or if discovered after the movers have left all damages should be written down and the damaged items or containers kept separate and untouched until Angel's Moving has inspected it. 

Do not panic. Call for help. 

Payment is still required:

It is important to note that the full charge from Angel's Moving for moving your goods will still be due and payable that day regardless of any damage or claim as agreed to and by law. One reason is the movers are not claims specialists and cannot negotiate a settlement for any claim of damage, their job is only to record and note any damage with you.

Time to resolve:

Depending on the claim it may take a little time to get estimates or approval or to schedule a repair. Some claims can be solved in minutes and some need longer to come together. We are a solid business and will stand by your side throughout

Follow the proper process:

It is important to follow the legal process and you have rights and responsibilities for any claim against Angel's Moving, but you must first pay your bill, notify us of any claim immediately and fill out an official claim form. There is an instruction sheet to help complete the claim form accurately and completely

We don't disappear:

We don't disappear after the bill is paid! We solve problems and do not run from them. We earned your trust and aim to keep your respect. We protect our customers and do not hide when a problem arises!

Frequently Asked Questions about Transit Protection

Notify us right away:

Talk to your moving team immediately and make a note on the invoice. Its important to inspect your goods upon their delivery. If noticed after inspection call the office.

Do not panic: Accidents happen, its how we deal with it that counts.


1. Determine the VALUE of your shipment. Add up how much it all would cost to replace. If it is a low value shipment then you may not need extra coverage. If the value is high then you may want extra coverage. Use our Declared Value Inventory Form for help.

2. See if your Home Insurance protects your move. If it does than you may not need or want the extra protection. If it doesn't than consider extra protection. You may have home insurance and still purchase extra protection.

3. Determine the RISK. If it is very low risk you may not want extra protection. If there is legitimate risk you may want the extra protection. Moving household goods is considered high risk generally as it is all stacked on top of each other in the moving truck and typically shipped assembled or without original packaging.

4. Determine the plan best for you.

Option 1 RELEASED VALUE = $0.00

Option 2 TOTAL LOSS = $100.00 (up to $5.00 per pound up to $500 per item up to $25,000 total)

Option 3 REPLACEMENT VALUE = $150 or $250 ($150 for $25,000 or $250 for $50,000)

5. Notify us BEFORE your move starts. Let us know early or decide last minute, but before moving starts.

-Option 3 Replacement protection requires a declaration of values form filled before moving starts and an Inventory Condition Checklist form filled while loading and unloading.

-You can purchase Option 2 Total Loss Protection on moving day when the men arrive before loading starts.


-You can not purchase full extra protection after moving commences and extra coverage cannot be cancelled or refunded after the move begins.

-You will be asked to sign for the extra coverage before the move starts.

EXTRA Protection: Deciding on extra protection does not need to be a stressful decision. We have made it affordable, fair to our customers, and easy to understand.

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