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Our informative website and posted moving quotes ensure you are not surprised on moving day.

Angel's Moving Rates


Pro Movers & Affordable Rates

We proudly post our low up front rates to save you time shopping for moving quotes.

We charge a 3 hour minimum work time plus a flat 1 hour travel time for moves within the Lower Mainland.

There is no fuel charge for moves within Metro Vancouver. We do not charge extra for stairs.

In general, MID rates are weekdays during the first three weeks of each month and PEAK rates are weekends and the last week of the month though actual dates vary each month. 

Average Move Times
  • Bachelors  3 - 4 hours
  • 1 Bedroom 3 - 6 hours
  • 2 Bedroom 5 - 7 hours
  • 3 Bedroom 6 - 9 hours
  • 4 Bedroom 7 - 10 hours
  • General Guidance Only
Time Factors
  • Amount of items
  • Amount of blanket wrapping needed
  • Walking distance from door to truck
  • Stairs and flights of stairs
  • Assembly required like beds
  • Size of elevator
  • Number of floors
  • Number of movers
Each Move is unique

Your upcoming move is unique. Discuss your job with Angel's Moving® and let our experience guide you through a stress free move.

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Our moving prices page has everything you need to know up front including typical moving quotes, truck sizes, minimum charges and travel times. Check it out then contact us to book your move. If you have questions visit our FAQ Page or reach out to us for support. We are happy to help.


We accept cash, Visa and Mastercard only. Sorry no debit cards or personal checks are accepted. Full payment is expected when services rendered.


GST is applicable on our moving services and PST applies to packing supplies we sell.

Extra Costs:

Hourly rates do not include moving supplies you may purchase, extra services or extra protection plans above Released Value.

Note: We blanket wrap your furniture and use tape to hold the pads tight. The first roll is free. We use shrink wrap when needed. Shrink wrap is charged per portion of a roll.

Fuel Surcharge:

There are no fuel charges currently for local moving within Greater Vancouver. Outside the lower mainland fuel charges apply.



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Two Truck sizes to suit your needs

Angel's Moving offers both Small and Large trucks for small moves and large moves. Large moving trucks are for two bedroom homes and up. Basically any home over 650 square feet would want a large truck to ensure a smooth move. Small trucks are for small moves like studio suites and one bedroom apartments under 600 square feet.

Large trucks for large moves


Large trucks only do one move per day to ensure our customers get the best service. The men will not have another job after so you will have their full attention as long as you need them.

  • 5 ton moving truck
  • Perfect for two or three bedroom homes and up.
  • Oversize homes may require more than one truck or a second trip.
  • Inside=7'7"W x 8'5"H x 26'L
  • 1538 cubic feet of space
Angel's Moving 5 ton moving truck

Small trucks for small moves


Small trucks can have two jobs every day. Typically, the first job will start at 9 am and the second move will be near 2 pm. To book an afternoon slot you need to be flexible with the start time. If you have a tight elevator booking it is best to move in the morning. We may be able to book a firm afternoon time so let us know.

  • Studio's and one bedroom apartments.
  • Typical 600 square foot apartment move.
  • Inside=7'8"W x 6'7"H x 16'L
  • 806 cubic feet of space
Angel's Moving one ton cube truck

We are Trusted Movers

moving Greater Vancouver since 2005

Need Vancouver Movers, Surrey Movers or movers anywhere? We move the entire Lower Mainland. Langley, Richmond, Delta, Coquitlam, North Van... no problem.

Whether you need Vancouver movers or Surrey movers our team will be there for you. Whether you are moving across town or from Burnaby to North Vancouver or White Rock to Maple Ridge, Angel's Moving Company is here for you. Contact us for a stress free move.


Three hour minimum plus one hour travel time

We have a 3 hour minimum work time plus 1 hour travel time equaling a 4 hour total charge.

For Example:

We start at the pickup address at 9 am and finish unloading at the delivery address at 12:00 noon (3 hour minimum). Then we add the flat 1 hour travel time for moves within Greater Vancouver which equals a 4 hour charge. If we were actually finished unloading at 11:45 we would still charge the 3 hour minimum work time.

Our minimum does not apply to most customers:

Because most small moves like one bedroom apartments take at least three hours to complete anyway. By the time we blanket wrap the furniture and load the truck, drive, unload and remove the blankets a few hours fly by. We will be as fast as possible.

We don't offer one item delivery.

What we don't offer is one item delivery or a one hour job. There are some movers that do, but often you would need a delivery service. We specialize in residential moving and stick to what we do best.


We employ quality movers and pay our men a four hour minimum shift because it is the right thing to do. We couldn't maintain our standards or service if we held trucks for an hour job. Your move could take a little less time, but our service is worth it.

There are lots of other moving companies...We work hard to be the best

With so many choices in movers you can relax knowing we are top Vancouver movers. Our up front rates mean no surprises on moving day. We are A+ rated BBB movers. We don't charge extra for fuel in Greater Vancouver. We work hard for you.

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Travel time fee

1 Travel Time Charge is a flat rate applied once to every move.

2 In Greater Vancouver it is a 1 hour fee. Outside the Lower Mainland the travel time charge is higher depending on the city you are moving to.

3 We have a 3 hour minimum work time plus 1 hour travel time so a total 4 hour charge on all moves.

4 It helps compensate the time it takes our moving team to get from our lot to your home and then back to park the truck. They are working while driving to and from your home and must be paid.

5 Your travel time charge often covers less than the actual time it takes our men to travel in the Lower Mainland. We cover the rest of the time to keep a healthy balance between customer costs and worker satisfaction.


We move to the island


We offer same day moves to Victoria, Nanaimo, Bowen Island and the Sunshine Coast. Since 2005 we have moved thousands of customers across metro Vancouver and to Vancouver Island and we hope you will choose us for your move too.

  • Same day moves to Vancouver Island, Victoria and Nanaimo.
  • We take care of the  BC Ferry reservations.
  • We offer great rates for island moves.
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